Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jefecito Mio...

No creas que no se lo que ocurrió...

Lo que vos hiciste fue traicion.

Tu Querida mensa,


Taking the long way home...

I will contact those I need to personally.
If things go silent here - I'm just gone home to 
take some rest.

Monday, August 1, 2016

E-mail shenanigans, lost friends and moving forward.

The Shenanigans

A few years back someone was pretending to be me... contacting friends online and finding people from my past and starting trouble.  When people from my past started writing me and mentioning my blog and reminding me of all the problems in their lives that apparently I am still the source of... I was a bit confused... because I was coming into the middle of a conversation with all of them - this was before I started using my real name on-line (but since the jig is up...).  I had to apologize for this faggots games that put a strain on some new friendships and brought people back into mu life that I had absolutely no desire to ever speak to again... and I let those from my past know just how I felt and told them that they had been hoodwinked... which just pissed them off even more... they wanted to believe I had gotten in touch with them... they refused  to accept that I want to have nothing to do with them all these years later and I was not interested in their lives and their problems... yes I had become a bigger ass-hole than before...

About four weeks ago the same thing happened again.

People where showing up out of the past that where coming in halfway through a conversation I never started with them... they mysteriously received a link that led them somehow to DF... they are for some reason just curious as to where I  live... and of course they were carrying the bitterness from the past... when I left home all those years ago... I had become the worlds biggest jerk... I didn’t care... my life was spiraling out of control - one failure after another, I was in debt, I was a drunk, and I was on a fucking rampage of self destruction... even as I went chasing after Diana.

It was all happening as before - was it the same faggot playing his games again?  I don’t know, but it felt like it was.  I sent out a simple massage to everyone - “I did not contact you and I do not want to contact you. Please do not e-mail me again.” I only read a couple of those e-mails - trashed the rest unopened just by looking at the name.  But I have had no reports from new friends and on-line acquaintances of strange e-mails from me... so that was a good thing.  I can speculate on who it is that is doing this... but why would that person waste time doing this if that person is now successful doing what they want to do... makes no sense... but that persons behavior in the past - when we were friends, makes me feel it might be who I think it is... It could be some one more recent that I pissed off... I piss people off - it happens... I’ve moved on and so should you... I hope everyone understands that all but five names on this website are real and those names no one gives a damn about, people that were in my life twenty years ago that no one in my life now knows or cares about... and I do state that the names of these women have been changed - and if I have not stated it... all these women’s names have all been changed... if it is a story about a woman I never slept with or had a relationship with, I may have slipped and not changed her name... but who cares - her fine reputation is intact... so is it a woman doing this... a jealous lover... don’t know... but things got stranger...

I began to have problems with my internet provider logging on, when I could  log on I could not get into my G-mail... and when I did get through I was on for a second and my service would shut off... this went on for a week and a half... it would let me stay on until I tried to log into the G-mail...  And I was getting messages of suspicious IP logins to my account... But Dagmar could log in from home... I let her figure out what was happening and I came to chase after the Nordic Renaissance girl in Mexico City...

When I go here there was a message waiting for me at check in from Dagmar - “You need to call me, Dags...” so I call home

She tells me I got another funny e-mail and I say from who... she says “you’re not going to like it, Boss...”

I say “give it to me straight baby doll...”

“I thought it was from someone related to Dominic Hernan...” and she goes silent waiting for my response...

I think that is strange and weird... as far as I know he had no relatives and left no one behind.

Dominic Hernan was a very good friend of mine and the leader of a very small circle of men I called friends, he was in the soldiering business and passed away recently... he was our brother... and I miss him - in the post “Never say never again” when I say burry another friend and loose my cool - that was in reference to him... and no... I am certain he left no one behind...

“Go on...” I say

She tells me the mail was from some one with the last name Hernan and she opens it up to see it is someone claiming to be the ex... now if you have read all of this babble here you will know that in my life there is only one ex... in the last twenty years all the women have just been to get my pito wet (toot-toot)... that will piss people off - but they know it’s true... so this person claims to be the ex - her name is Elsa... I say to Dags “Bullsit” - and she says - no really, that is what this says... I don’t doubt it... but I was saying that it is bullshit, this is not from her... trash it with the rest... but I ask what else does it say... and Dags tells me it says curious to know where you live...?

Right... just like the others... is someone after me...

I tell her to trash it... I never saw it personally...

Dagmar gets paid well to be suspicious of those I let into my life... she’s got a good gig going and does not want to loose that good thing by me going crazy over an e-mail from a woman that I let myself fall apart over... but very well played faggot - pretending to be her... that does push buttons you piece of shit... but... being here now...where I am with this girl... and my tribe... and my life where it is now... actually... no... now that I think of it... I don’t give a fuck... button pushed and life is good... but the strange continues... Dagmar has gotten very good at sniffing out fakes and frauds and trolls - I once made the mistake of reaching out to some one that Dags convinced  me with her proof that that person was not who they claimed to be... a man pretending to be a woman on one site or a woman pretending to be a man on another... either way, not who and what they claimed... so after I let Dagmar convince me why this could not be Elsa... which did not take much convincing... she got rid of it... without me ever seeing it... but she tells me that I am getting mails asking about Simon from names I do not know... Dagmar has access to that e-mail account but reads only mails not on a list of do not open... I trust her... I pay her so that I can trust her... and if she betrays that trust... I hope her father is as powerful as I think he is.

I can now get into the G-mail but I am in another city using a computer I had never put on-line before (which sucks now). 

Now suddenly people are asking about Simon - founder of the Iron Legion Blog   - Why.  Did something happen to Simon? That seems to be the question... and what do I know?

I only knew a couple of those people asking about Simon and I may have said too much in my response - I want to trust in the world and I  let my guard down because of that trust... but I am hoping that you are who you said you are... the others... I don’t know you and I don’t know why you are asking. 


Simon came out of nowhere with words and passion that would leave its mark on many of us.  He was a leader that many were waiting for and hoping for.  His words inspired and motivated many of us to act and find solutions to the problems we are facing in this modern world.  You only have to read the comments others posted on his site to see how he influenced people... he knew exactly what to say and how to say it... he listened to  your worries, your fears, your hopes, you frustrations and your anger and disillusionment with the world... he is a cult leader and a military leader waiting to happen... and I for one would follow him into the fires of chaos to make a better world - I have stated  that before and have no problem saying it again... and again, for I have not been given a reason to doubt in the man.

For a very long time I did not comment on the web and kept to my self here at The Deringer Files and I was on the verge of abandoning this modern world to loose myself once more in the underground - Fuck the modern world!

But... I went looking for others that felt as I did and that led me to Simons first article at ROK - and he had my interest, curiosity, and my attention... so I left a comment ( a comment is not worth leaving if it ain’t a long one), and long comments  I would leave there on his site - his words and everything he spoke of was everything I was feeling... I could only agree with everything... was this the voice in my head... who is this young man... and why has he come?

I do not believe in coincidence - and neither does Simon... everything happens for a reason and I had  to know  that reason - I believe in destiny... and all of this is destiny.

After a few more comments from me on his site - He sent me an e-mail... and our friendship begins, and it is a friendship.  We speak of life... toss ideas back and forth... stories and books we would like to write... tales of our adventures and tribes and villages in far off lands... normal stuff like that... but Simon is in Europe and I in the Americas.  Simon’s home is there and  I  belong here, and because I am here, and because I can no longer run from destiny, I found the inspiration to build my tribe and do here what Simon was doing over there.

I do not know much of the tribe Simon was building in Europe - it is not my place to know.  I gathered my tribe but only mention to Simon what it was like - not what we were actually doing - as tribal leaders we must keep these things to ourselves... he knows this and I know this... But I did make it clear to him that whatever he did, where ever he went with his tribe - I wanted in and he would keep me afloat on the details of the community he wished to build.

I began to write down my thoughts on tribalism and separating ourselves from the modern world and Simon was kind enough to post those writing on his site... and our friendship grew, as a friendship  can grow over the internet - but our thoughts were in sync, more than outsiders will know we are in sync.  My writings began to shift in the direction of what I had written for Iron Legion here at this site. I felt obliged to do so since I was getting many views coming from Iron Legion - and they still come, they are fewer, I suspect because of the current stillness, but I get about thirty hits per week from The Iron Legion Blog... and now, suddenly, inquiries on the whereabouts of Simon...

Is this all connected ?

It must be - because there are no coincidences... and everything is connected.

For those of you who may not know - Simon is in the soldiering business, he made no secret of it.  He served his country and then turned around and sold those services for big money.  Is our friend Simon missing?

Well... he shut down his twitter - but if he is off soldiering, he can’t be twittering and face-booking... common sense and logic will tell you that... and there is no time for updated posts if he is out in the field where there is no internet... is our friends Simon missing... I can only hope for the best for my friend - did  he find those he was looking for to build his community away from this chaos we call the modern progressive world... I hope so... I hope he is building a better world that we can use as an example.

These sudden inquires about our friend... the appearance of those from my past... my problems on-line... massive hits from Russia on a daily basis which I do mot believe are from bots... and strangers looking for answers - whether they be sincere or not, is all connected - why and how, I do not know... but something is up... something is going to happen... I can feel it... and I can sense that you feel it too... this is the paranoia... that we all know... but that paranoia keeps us a step ahead doesn’t it...

Moving Forward

I know men who want to write but they are concerned about things like this... and about maybe disappearing... I know web-sites come and go and some do not stick around for too long from men that are looking for the truth and those that want to share the truth.  My friends don’t want me writing this blog - they never did... and they are concerned with the direction I am taking... but it is something I feel I must do... Cris says I need to keep a low profile and slip back into that other world... but I smacked him hard on the back of the head because mister low profile’s picture is now on the internet with his Filipina actress girlfriend... my gang isn’t too thrilled about my blogging but I was doing it before they came to be - but they have no problem with me sharing my writing for them - I write letters to my tribe on a regular basis - things we must work on and learn and the direction we are heading, and how to better ourselves, and these writing are looking for a home, they do not really belong here among the poetry of my unrequited love and the tales of my disastrous affairs - and I am very inclined to putting up a new site for those writings and picking up where our friend Simon has left off - though I do not have his words nor would I know how to use them - I will give it my best shot. I will also be contacting others, writers and those who contributed to his site through their comments to participate in this new venture... until our friend returns.

There are men out there that were part of his tribe - his Legion... that know more than I do, that are closer to the man then I, that should be posting a statement on the issue, at  the very least. Someone out there  in a position of influence among Simon’s tribe should post a comment on the Iron Legion Blog... as far as I am concerned, Simon owes us nothing... and it is not like him not to respond to someone questioning his motives as he did so here:

But what does he have to respond to? There has only been one comment on his site about the stillness on that blog -

“Altamont says:   
May 6, 2016 at 3:08 pm

Is this blog still “dangerous” or has it been neutered?”

You all need to direct your concerns over there... leave your comments and continue the discussion.

I always say that the enemy needs to worry when we do go silent... our friends do not need to fear the dark. Also keep in mind that if there was something that should be known - I might not be the one to say it... nor would I.

Good luck to you my friend wherever you are and we will continue this thing you started until you get back.

I don't know if this helps anyone or eases any of your suspicions - this is all I can do...
about e-mails - everything seems to be working better but I am in Mexico City.  for some reason people prefer to send me e-mails rather than leaving me comments - I understand it... I get e-mails from people seeking advice or council... some need someone just to hear them out... some want to tell me off... some just write to say that they enjoy reading my site... but my absolutely very favorite e-mails are from people that just drop me a line that says "thank you" - and to them I say... you are very welcome and thank you...

Oh... and thank you Russia for all the hits - who ever you are.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The New Cristiada


The Cristero War, also known as la Cristiada, in Mexico (1926 - 1929), was a rebellion of Catholics against the government of President Plutarco Elias Calles and his “Calles law” - a statue which enforced  the anti-clerical articles of the Mexican Constitution of 1917.  The Socialist Calles wanted  to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church and organizations affiliated with it as an institution, and to suppress popular religious celebrations.  Articles restricting the power and influence of the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico have been in the Constitution since 1857 and were carried over into the constitution of 1917.  Mexico was  trying to pull itself together at this point, following the Mexican Revolution, and there were still bands of outlaws revolting against the government in several states, mostly Catholics fighting against Northern Revolutionaries.  President Calles (1924 - 1928) saw this as an opportunity  and as the duty of his administration to enforce the anti-clerical articles - which no one had enforced before, and squelch the last of the rebellions and the power of the church in Mexico. 

The Calles Law was signed in June of 1926, which provided specific penalties for priests and individuals who violated the provisions of the 1917 Constitution. For instance, wearing clerical garb in public  earned a fine of 500 pesos; a priest who criticized the government could be imprisoned for five years. Some states enacted oppressive measures. Chihuahua enacted a law permitting only a single priest to serve the entire Catholic congregation of the state. To help enforce the law, Calles seized church property, expelled all foreign priests and closed the monasteries, convents and religious schools.

¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe! - Long live Christ the King! Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe! Was the battle cry of the  rebels who had little supplies, were poorly armed and relied heavily on the Feminine Brigades of St. Joan of Arc to smuggle guns and ammunition, they raided towns, trains and ranches in order to supply themselves with money, horses, ammunition and food.  Calles’ government was supplied with arms and ammunition by the US government. In at least one battle, American pilots provided air support for the federal army against the Cristero rebels.

The Cristeros  had several victories in their struggle though they were not a military trained organization, but they found success under the leadership of such men as Jesús Degollado, a pharmacist and the rancher Victoriano  Ramírez, along with the priests Fr. Aristeo Pedroza and Fr. José Reyes Vegas, who many considered a ruthless assasin,  perhaps best known for his successful high-jacking of a train carrying money and gold  for the Bank of Mexico. In 1927 the National League for the Defense of  Religious Liberty chose Enrique Gorostieta Velarde - a former General who served under Victoriano Huerta to lead the Cristors and unite the various factions as one army and turned them into a professional military..  Gorostieta was not a religious man, in fact, he was a liberal anti-cleric who held the religious faith of his subordinates in contempt - but he would eventually wear a crucifix  and say that he  relied on God for inspiration and strength. Gorostietas motivations may have been purely personal for choosing to lead the Cristeros - he had political ambitions and he was given a salary of 3,000  pesos per month - about twice the pay of a regular army general.

In the end 30,000  men,, women and children that fought under the Cristero flag died fighting for religious freedom in a country made up mostly of Roman Catholics because of the hatred of leftist liberals. When the conflict was settled between the Vatican and the State there were no Cristero leaders present or involved - nor did they have any support from Rome throughout the fight.


As The Cristiada in Mexico was coming to an end a new anti-religious campaign was starting in the Soviet Union which resulted in the estimated genocide of 12 - 20 million Christians.  People always say ‘this’ will never happen again... ‘that’ will never happen again... but our wars continue, the same conflicts seem to repeat themselves only the participants have changed.  It has only been 87 years since the Cristero War ended and now the conflict in Europe has begun, and make no mistake, it is a war, it is a new Cristiada and the Christian rebels of the new conflict have no support from the Church of Rome, their Governments have rejected their own culture and traditions and national identity and pride have all but been outlawed.  The tolerant liberal left seems to always go after the Christians, it is a progressive ideal that faith and tradition must be   stamped out in order to fulfill the utopian dream of equality. But Christianity endures, as empires have risen and fallen, as socialists and communists have come and gone - the faith has remained.  But today there is a struggle with the church itself and we are seeing a lean to the left, many would say an abandonment of the principles of Christianity, and it is not very hard to deny that the church is, and  has been for some time, under the wrong leadership.

One does not have to look very hard for evidence of infiltration of the church by feminist and liberal ideas, the presence of homosexual and highly effeminate priest alone is enough to make traditional men leave - and it has.  The fact that the church is catering more to the women instead of strengthening the faith of the men is the main reason why this writer left the church. But what might be the most disappointing and troubling act of the modern church is the request of our leader for Europe to take in refugees of a religion in conflict with our own into their own homes and its very weak response to recent events in Sweden, Germany and France.

It is time for the men of Europe to rise up and protect their communities form the invaders brought in by your own governments. It is time you form bands of warriors to take back your towns and defend your women and children as those paid to protect you will not.  It is time to push back twice as hard and with twice as much brutality as those who have come to take all that you are not willing to protect.  If Europe is to remain Europe and it’s cultures and traditions are to survive the time to rise up and defend it is now - you will have no support from your government to protect it and you will have no support from the Vatican.  Men have come to your lands, Europe, that are not afraid to die for what they believe in, they are not afraid to take by force what you will not defend.  As your soldiers have gone to liberate their lands, men who should be back home fighting for a better life there have been brought in to replace you and change the face of your beautiful countries.

The Time is now Europe.  I  pray you unite under one banner.  I pray a leader will come soon to restore pride and honor and inspire strength and nobility in The people of your nations.  All the wars of your past and destiny have been to prepare you for this last fight Europe, the blood of your fathers and ancestors cries out to you from the shadows of history. So rise, and fulfill your destiny.

Europe and The Church do not belong to its politicians and bishops and priests -  it belongs to those that built it.  It belongs to those that support it and look to it for guidance and inspiration and a moral compass, it belongs to those willing to defend it and preserve its traditions and teachings. The new Cristiada will not only cleanse Europe and the Americas. It will  - and it must - also cleanse the church itself and return it to its true purpose.  The Catholic church is only as strong as the faith it inspires.  Those of us who have left and those that practice their fath with in the church must take a more active role in the direction of the church as we must start taking leadership roles within our own communities if Christianity is to continue to endure.

 ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Cristero General Enrique Gorostieta